Welcome to RotoCoin Project -.- A next-gen cryptocurrency.

Welcome to the rotoCoin Project!

Friday Night (3/22) at 00:00GMT we’ll be honoring the great God Roto2 by releasing the source of this great coin.

Rotocoin is a new coin made by people like you. From miners to miners, with one of the biggest internet communities behind, we felt the need of honoring him. It’s been so many years of worshiping Roto2, someone had to do it.

· Why just 288K Rt2? ·

If we turn back to 2011, an equation appeared on the net –> 48÷2(9+3) and after many days of debate there wasn’t a clear solution… 2 or 288?
For many of us those were the great days of 4Chan, the great days of Forocoches, so… in memory of those great days we decided to build a new currency based on this equation. 288 x 1000s of replies to those threads! Reward cuts in half every 18K blocks (60 days).

· Scarcity & Value ·

2 coins every 288 seconds

This last two months, were the worst months for Alt-coins since the beginning of the Cryptoera.
Our goal is to release a rare coin, with a great value and hard to mine. Not another Pump&Dump crypto screaming: sell me on an exchange now! 2% Premine Half for IPO, Servers,Hostings, Pools. The other half will be given away in games, faucets, reddit and bounties!

Our community is strong and we won’t let the coin fall, we won’t deceive you.